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Michael Ubaldi, December 8, 2002.

I do engage in activities beyond opining and ranting. Music is a great love, and one of my favorite pastimes is seeking out interviews with successful audio engineers and producers. This one is with Irish engineer Kevin Killen whose more notable work (at least to me) includes U2's War and The Unforgettable Fire, and Peter Gabriel's So.

Michael Ubaldi, November 25, 2002.

Gerhard Schroeder dished out more lies than a snake-oil salesman to win reelection from a German voting populace that responded positively to, among other treats, his repugnant disdain for America's nasty habit of demolishing dictators and liberating the oppressed (whereas, of course, the liberal Germans would rather trade directly with any given dictator; to hell to his people).

Well, if promises were cupboard china Gerhard would be making like a newlywed after a tiff; contrary to his pledges of fiscal conservatism (er, rather, restraint), Schroeder has been born-again in the religion of taxation. Tax here, tax there, tax everywhere - none of this was heralded in his campaign. To put it politely, the German people bought a bridge. A big bridge.

That in itself isn't news. This is.

Michael Ubaldi, November 19, 2002.

A terrible story and a frightening way to go; albeit sorely humorous. Anyone want to guess what his last words were?

Michael Ubaldi, November 18, 2002.

Bonnie Spalding asks, no doubt with the slightest smirk:

Hi Mike! What exactly are the other nutrients in a "balanced" intellectual diet?

It's pleasing to know that intellectual well-being is important to you, Bonnie! Did you know that nearly 47% of voting Americans suffer from mental malnourishment? Being fed the wrong information can be dangerous - not to mention occasionally embarrassing. But fear not, I'll lend you my personal menu as a foundation:

Vitamin WFB, for brain power and the stimulation of hormones producing a sense of humility and awe.

Vitamin JG, for a sharp tongue.

Vitamin L, for levity.

Vitamin H, for eyesight/foresight.

Vitamin AS, for heart.

And, of course, we certainly need Vitamin ML from our Ledeen beans.

Failure to maintain such a healthy regimen can lead to Brazaitis, or "a false swelling of the heart and brain." Symptoms include a desire to help an obscure concept, "Humanity," wherein the victim demonstrably exhibits contempt for his fellow Man.

Be sure to ingest Vitamins pK and DB with care. Unchecked consumption of these destructive additives can lead to Raine's Syndrome, a degenerative mental disorder that concussively inhibits one's ability to distinguish right from wrong, reality from imagination, or proper newswriting from boldfaced propaganda - let alone manage a formerly world-class newspaper.

The culinary delights of ethical, moral and journalistic expression await your responsible enjoyment!

Michael Ubaldi, November 7, 2002.

"Father files suit after son fails to win MVP award" is the headline from this Canadian newspaper story that Drudge uncovered.

If you can stomach the lunacy, try reading the story to the bottom of the page. My attention began to disintegrate as I was increasingly forced to contemplate the astronomical scale in which the selfish qualities of both father and son must be described. My goodness, that household must boast a collection of full-length mirrors!

Michael Ubaldi, November 5, 2002.

Andrew Sullivan found a Reuters story describing scientists' discovery of the difference in brain shape between heterosexual sheep and homosexual sheep. Now, whatever implications that may carry for the question of sexuality in the larger sense, I wish not to address. What I do intend to point out is the brazen sci-fi aspect of the following paragraph. For optimal recreation, imagine a tenor voiceover from a 1950's phono recording:

"First the scientists watched the sheep to be sure of their behavior - something that cannot be done with humans. Then they took apart their brains."

Michael Ubaldi, November 3, 2002.

Nah, I'd prefer to think of myself as duly reverent of recognition, no matter how perfunctory. It seems my name found itself onto the Blogroll of Stephen Green's Vodkapundit, one of my tiny but beloved Blogpatrol. I am most likely leaking some youthful naiveté by gushing, but hell--nothing's more exciting than a road sign having popped up and pointing in your direction. For lack of a more succinct description, it's cool. Thank you, Stephen.

Speaking of road signs, I just completed my three-day trip to Albany; I held the title of Roadcommander (Strassekommandant?) and drove the 17 hours required for the round trip with my trusty first lieutenant, Paul. We met our old buddy Ed, as well as one of Ed and Paul's college pals, Doug. A short visit, really, since Friday and Sunday were more than three-quarters spent driving; but--my my!--what we packed into it. Movies, catching up, sightseeing, video games, and...

...women. Ed, see, works for SUNY Albany; Albany, a quaint, hygienic college city/town, is the host of yet another college. For those of you unfamiliar with Cleveland's severe underpopulation by the 25-30-year-old female age group, now try to understand the joy Paul and I felt to suddenly be thrust into the midst of dozens of beautiful babies. It was as if some giant, Greco-mythological glass woman had shattered and her shards bore countless girlies. Fantastic. If only we were players, rather than generally conservative singles--though not quite shy as we gave them all the looks they could handle (and return; really, a good weekend).

Well-earned slumber is next on the itinerary. Onward!

Michael Ubaldi, October 29, 2002.

Megathrusters are go, so it would appear. I'm frankly caught between amazement and a bit of healthy pride in my own accomplishments--before yesterday, I'd never tried to jury-rig any cgi engine. And, born from necessity (read: the award-winning incompetence of Blogger.com), I investigated the uses of Movable Type, perhaps best advanced by one of my daily blogstops, VodkaPundit, and came away impressed. Concerning nearly every endeavor, I've always preferred to kit-bash and go it alone--why should blogging represent a fork in the road, eh?

So I girded my loins, read/reread/rereread the instructions, strapped on the goggles, plugged my nose--and then attempted/reattempted/banked on "third time's a charm" luck to establish the MT system. In the short span of about five hours, managed to hack a native blog! I must thank, albeit anonymously, the extremely helpful user forums that exist to help those of us stricken with D.I.Y. blog-dreams but for want of computer savvy. I'm here!

Time for some thoughts. I'm excited.

Michael Ubaldi, October 29, 2002.

Infracells up, dynatherms connected...