A Tale of Two Objectives

The Fox News website lead at 9:00 EST:

MSNBC's website lead at 9:00 EST:

How interesting. One news network believes it is reporting on the defense of democracy, while the other is sure there won't be any democracy to defend.

It's striking to note that:

  • Fox News is as reliant as any network on the Associated Press, an agency which, currently criticized of incompetence and blatant bias, is increasingly suspected of low-level collusion with the enemy.
  • Fox News offers more immediate details on terrorist attacks, numbering them.
  • Despite that provision of uninviting news, Fox News informs us of the breakthrough captures of associates of terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, measures taken by Iraqi citizens in response to curfews and vehicle lockdowns, and the daily and growing cooperation between Allied and Iraqi armed forces.

    MSNBC, meanwhile, leads with a questionable comment made by President Ghazi al-Yawer, whose prediction of "low turnout" is contradicted by incredible empirical and anecdotal evidence. Its "MSNBC TV" tease answers the question some have asked of Senator Ted Kennedy's bilious speech of surrender and abandonment: why now? So that sympathetic press outlets could use its incoherent content in place of serious discussion. Furthermore, Rich Lowry's prediction, based on discussions with insiders, that the leftist media would try to undermine elections with the notion that any measure of Sunni participation was too little and that terrorist violence would grow in severity, is an accurate one.

    However the election turns out, Iraqis and their friends must always remember that they were betrayed and left for dead — by small but influencial numbers of noneother than those living and thriving in freedoms for which Iraqis were daily sacrificing their lives.

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