Opposites Attract

I knew that a fellow - named Konishiki - was a Hawaiian-born sumo champion in Japan. What I didn't realize is that his taste in women is admirably, er, down-to-earth.

Kimono flappers, flaming grass and the ultimate polar bear swimming in today's wide-eyed stare at the Pacific culture we're all better for at least trying to comprehend.

On another note, this Orient bulletin board seems to have an archive of Mainichi Shimbun's Photojournal, if irregularly. You'll notice that the daily Photojournals to which I link (not the Photo Specials) are no longer accessible, replaced by the latest set of press snapshots. I've yet to find an official archive for daily Photojournals (not Specials) - there may be none. So this might be a nice resource if you spy a picture in my category archive and want to see some of the other photos I reference.

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